Fokine Construction can provide complete design services. From new construction to renovation, many of our clients make use of our in house design services. Contact us for a design consultation and see how we can improve your home and create an interesting and beautiful environment based on your individual needs and style. We are also associated with many dynamic and talented architects working in New York City and the East End. Let us introduce their work to you. Contact us to view their portfolios. Fokine Construction is dedicated to bringing high quality craftsmanship, and design to all of our projects – large or small, traditional or modern.

A system we have developed over years to manage the work, finances and details of a project. This system is transparent with all bookkeeping shared with the client. Our fee for managing any project is based on a percentage of the costs. This system creates a cooperative working relationship between the homeowner and us. Please contact us for more information on how Construction Management could work for your project. A reference list of past clients is available to qualified inquiries.

Licensed Professional Engineer on staff. Our engineer reviews and calculates structural and energy code standards. We are in constant review of new, innovative construction technology, building today with many different products and materials, as well as energy code requirements, review, and application.

We feel as though no project is ever really complete until it is reconnected with the natural world around it. Fokine Construction has now taken on this challenge. From selecting plant specimens that are deer and drought resistant as well as beautiful to creating vibrant year round compliments to your home is what we do. From the very beginning, with our Landscape design services complimented by our architectural services we can create a final landscape plan that is fully incorporated into the overarching concept of your project and your property.